Blooming Acres was founded in 1989 by George Hehn Sr. and his wife Mary, in the small township of Sharon Center, Ohio. Their new business was built on the idea of selling flowers direct from the grower to the public, combining wholesale prices with retail quality all under the same roof. The business was built after George and his brother owned and operated a greenhouse together for over a decade and, after a buyout, George Sr. was going to retire and live a quiet condo life in Copley, Ohio with his wife. Then after a short period of time into the retired lifestyle, the husband and wife decided their life would go down a different path, and they would get back into flower farming once again! George and Mary found this parcel of land just outside of Wadsworth Ohio that they would open their greenhouse on. They built a home identical to the one they raised their family in, and on that property – built their new business.

The name “Blooming Acres” was originated by the founder’s son, George Hehn Jr. who also ran his own wholesale greenhouse at that time. The family wanted something to reflect the first of many acres of greenhouses that they would eventually build, in what is now our Wadsworth location. Their son came up with the name while out on a drive and, sure enough, it stuck like glue and the company was born. George Hehn Sr. successfully ran his newly founded “supermarket-greenhouse” for almost a decade until he passed suddenly in 1998. The family came together and Mary, George Jr. and his sister Nancy ran the family business for the better part of a decade, and after many years together, sure enough: history tends to repeat itself – George Hehn Jr. and his wife Sue, bought the business and property in 2007 when his mother and older sister Nancy wanted to retire from the Farm. Fast forward 10 years – as the local city of Wadsworth was expanding, Blooming Acres was located right on its border adjacent to the city. A developer soon approached and was interested in expanding Wadsworth City in our direction, to which the owners agreed – and after a year’s time, the family business was officially a part of Wadsworth! The Farm is going on it’s 3rd Generation of Management and is setting itself up to become a location for people to buy locally grown flowers, stop out for weekend adventures, take pictures, and have local meetups out at our farm. We are excited to be a part of “A Community Unmatched” and look forward to meeting all of our new neighbors, forming partnerships and growing the biggest flowers in town!

Blooming Acres in the 90's